Sixteen Hollow


The neighbourhood of Sixteen Hollow is expected to be built over the next 20 years. It is part of a new area known as “New Communities of Oakville”. Several of the street names will be linked to the area’s past and a number of heritage buildings marked for preservation.


Sixteen Hollow is part of Oakville’s largest remaining new development. It is combined with 407 West (an employment area), Glenorchy and Joshua’s Meadows, which together will create the New Communities of Oakville. This neighbourhood will be bordered by RR#25 to the west, Hwy 407 to the north, Sixteen Mile Creek to the east and Dundas St. to the south. The New Communities of Oakville are both walking-friendly and transit-friendly, including many natural open spaces.


$100,000- $200,000



$200,000- $300,000



$300,000- $400,000



$400,000 - $500,000

$500,000- $600,000



$600,000- $700,000



$700,000- $800,000



$800,000- $900,000



$900,000- $1,000,000



$1,000,000 +



*only one property has been listed and sold since January 2013


Homes in Sixteen Hollow will include a variety of lot sizes and styles, balancing the preservation of the natural resources with the new development.


(E) Palermo (also French Immersion)

(S) White Oaks (also French Immersion)

(CA) St. Mary

(CA) St. Thomas Aquinas